Weihnachtliche Musik

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Weihnachtliche Musik means “Christmas Music” in German.

The title refers both to the Christmas period of 2012, when I wrote the piece (completing it in Berlin on New Year’s Day 2013), and to the music that inspired it: an organum for Christmas Day by the French Medieval composer, Léonin.

The piece was written for the Ergodos Musicians All the Ends of the Earth project, a celebration of, and meditation on this particular organum of Léonin – Viderunt Omnes.

This piano piece, like so much of my music, is an attempt to slow the heart-rate, to engender calm, focus, and concentration. Material from the very end of Léonin’s organum  is remembered, transformed, atomized, isolated, heard and re-heard.

Sub-title: Prelude # 7
Instrumentation: solo piano
Duration: flexible but no more than 5′
Date of composition: 2013
Commissioned by Ergodos for the Ergodos Musicians All the Ends of the Earth project.
First Performance:
Recording: https://soundcloud.com/garrett-sholdice/weihnachtliche-musik-2013
Score: Please email orders@ergodos.ie to obtain the latest score.