The Echo is the Best Sort of Glorifying

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The title is a fragment from the text of Mureau, a work by John Cage for one or more speakers (with or without tape), composed in 1970. Whilst composing the echo is the best sort of glorifying I often listened to a recording of John Cage himself reading the Mureau text. For me, the calming experience of listening to this recording is inextricably linked to the process of composing the piece.

The subtitle (“three organa for viola, violoncello and double bass”) refers to the Medieval practice of making an organum – the practice of adding an additional voice (or voices) to a pre-existent melody to make a polyphonic composition, sometimes augmenting the rhythm of the original melody in the process. The echo is the best sort of glorifying consists of a statement of a melody, followed by three organa on this melody, followed by a final statement of the original melody.

Instrumentation: viola, cello, double bass
Duration: 5 minutes.
Date of composition: July 2009.
Commissioned by the Irish Composers Collective for Ensemble ICC
First Performance: Ensemble ICC — Cora Venus Lunny, viola; Kate Ellis, cello; Daniel Bodwell, double bass
Score: Please email to obtain the latest score.