Ladrang for Scott McLoughlin

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‘The highest form of beauty is stillness.’ – from Neil Sorrell’s book,  A Guide to the Gamelan.

Ladrang for Scott McLaughlin was composed during a ferry journey across the Irish sea in early May of 2009. As its title suggests, its dedicated to my friend, Irish composer and ‘cellist Scott McLaughlin.

A ladrang is a structure used in Javanese gamelan music. The basic colotomic structure is a repeating cycle of 32 beats. In my piece, over three such cycles, I gradually reveal, state and dissolve a kind of balungan (skeletal melody) in 2-part counterpoint.

Instrumentation: piano, cello
Duration: circa 3 minutes.
Date of composition: 2009
Commissioned by Harmonium for Scott McLoughlin and Garrett Sholdice
First Performance: Harmonium — Scott McLoughlin, cello; Garrett Sholdice, piano. Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, York, November 2009.
Score: Please email to obtain the latest score.